Hot Rods, Grasshoppers push their chips to the middle of the table at 6:30 tonight at Bowling Green Ballpark …

Take it from Piper’s little buddy Pumpkin.

Catch the Hot Rods tonight at Bowling Green Ballpark!

Neither Piper nor Pumpkin can attend tonight, however, as it’s Game 5 of the best-of-5 Midwest League Championship Series tonight at Bowling Green Ballpark. It’s gonna be fun after the Hot Rods forced the winner-take-all game with Monday night’s 7-5 victory over the Greensboro Grasshoppers.

(Insert own “Kung Fu”/David Carradine joke here, Hoss …)

So if you can make it downtown, for the Bowling Green Ballpark, they’re issuing only general admission tickets.

For just 5 bucks,

I wanna get our usual seats behind home plate, or at least close to the section, and I plan to write tonight or tomorrow on the experience. Rolled by the ticket office to pick up some tickets.

It oughta be a lotta of fun, but it is unusually warm for South Central Kentucky in late September. Fortunately they sell cold beer at the yard.

Hydrate. Dress comfortably. And watch the Hot Rods splatter those Grasshoppers like nobody’s business.

I know a place called the Grasshopper in Amsterdam, but that’s probably a story for another place, at another time, Hoss …