Good news: Piper is home

Have taken a few days off.

On Monday evening, I got a call that someone had found Piper. This time, they had her ID tag, the collar she was wearing, and even THE LEASH.

Piper had been missing for 10 days.

We didn’t give up hope, but I was having regular nightmares after watching Piper run at full speed down the median of Interstate 165 after my car hit the guardrail in Ohio County. I fell down, tripping in a groove on the side of the road, in trying to get to Piper. Got scraped up pretty good and had a hairline fracture in a couple ribs on my left side.

Piper is home. Pumpkin is doing well too. I am so happy.

I’ll be covering the Glasgow-Greenwood game on Friday night at Greenwood. Thanks for reading.